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Returns & Refunds

The return, refund and cancellation policy for (The Company) is developed based on the fact that the products are sourced from outside of Pakistan, so no refund/replacement/adjustment will be viable. The following rules apply for returns and refunds:

  1. The products sourced from international markets are not exchangeable or refundable in any case.
  2. Information and details of any product are provided by the product manufacturer and does not own it. Therefore, in case there is any misinterpretation, does not stand responsible.
  3. Refund is possible only within 3 days of delivery if the product is heavily misinterpreted, and the reimbursement will only be given for the product’s price. We won’t be able to refund shipping and handling charges.
  4. Products that clearly say ‘Non-refundable’ can never be refunded. Apart from this, clothing items, CDs, DVDs, books, video games and products without serial number are non-returnable.
  5. The products in the ‘Pending’ status can be cancelled. Once the status changed ’Processed’, cancellation is out of question. However, in case the manufacturing company fails to complete the order, the order will be cancelled automatically within two days along with a complete refund.
  6. We shall only entertain refund requests that are made immediately (normally within 3 days of delivery). Late requests will not be accepted.
  7. If any product is accepted for a refund, it should contain all the original tags, warranty cards, freebies, manuals and the same packaging that it was sent in. The refund request will be denied if the product is returned to the company in an inappropriate condition.
  8. We shall (subject to policy, terms & conditions, warranties stated herein) accept return of Product(s) eliminating those specifically banned for one of several reasons. The Customer is needed to send Product(s) to be returned at the following address:Office Address: Lahore, Pakistan
    Phone No. 0336670-2234

Please check the following information for reasons and time frames for reimbursement:

  1. Damaged in transit – Immediate return to courier of the Product(s) on delivery and report it at email: We shall reimburse the price only within three (03) working days. .
  2. Faulty or Malfunctioning Products – Get in touch with the Company’s Customer Support by calling in or sending an email at: and explaining the issue. We shall evaluate the issue which must not be caused by the customer (e.g. product malfunction owing to plugging in an 110v electronic appliance into a 220v socket). We shall then verify validity of Product(s) so returned and afterward reimburse the price within Ten (10) working days as per our policy.
  3. Wrong Order – Customers finding the delivered item different from the one they ordered, should email to: and define the difference within 3 days of delivery.

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