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Red oil 2 oz Bottle لا ل تیل

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Red Oil is orange-red in a colour. That gives relieves in the pain associated with muscular, joints, backache, frozen shoulders and arthritis. It also works in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Gout.

لال تیل کا رنگ نارنجی رنگ کا ہے ۔ جلد پر مالش کر نے سے اس کے قدرتی اجزاء جلد میں داخل ہو کر خون کی سر کو لیشن کو بڑ ھاتے ہیں تکہ پٹھوں ، جوڑوں ، کمر درد ، منجمد کندھوں اور گٹھیا کے درد کوآرام آے۔ یہ ر یمو ٹایڈ آرتھریٹس اور گاؤٹ میں بھی موثر ہے۔


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کیا آپ جو ڑوں اور پٹھوں کے درد سے پر یشان ہیں ؟

-تو ہما را لال تیل کا استعمال آپ کے لیے مفید ثابت ہو گا

Best Pain Relief oil In Pakistan:-

Red Oil gives instant relief to muscles, joints, backache and frozen shoulders. Because every day our mind pressurizes the body with lots of stress and responsibilities. Many times it happens with us that our body stress creates muscle fatigue. Which creates difficulty in performing the task. All muscles tense due to the reflex reaction to stress. when the stress is realized the muscle starts to work normally. If you stuck in any of this condition or having symptoms of aches then pour some drops of Red oil in your hand and gently massage on your painful body part you will find yourself relax and free from stress.

Benefits of Red Oil: 

Excellent Pain Reliever:

All of the ingredients in Red Oil are pure pain reliever. Massage gently on the affected surface of a body until it absorbs in the internal layers of skin and tissues. It enhances the natural recovery process of the human body to recover from the damage of tissue and give you relief from pain.

Alternative to Massage Oil:

In a combination mixture of Red Oil, there are four different types of massaging oil. So it can use as a substitute to massage oil in massage therapy. Massaging therapy with our product will be so different and quite magical due to its organic mixture.

Combat to stress:

Red Oil at NutriOrga is quite an effective treatment for anxiety, depression, stress, and headache. Just 2-3 minutes of massaging will relieve you from a serve headache and lead relaxation zone.

A cure for Arthritis:

Because of anti-inflammation, this oil helps to get recover from joint disorders such as arthritis and coreopsis. Nutrients act rapidly on joints for quick relaxation.

Protection for skin:

Skin is the most exposed part of the body and skin dryness is caused by a deficiency of vitamins which can lead to dead skin. Vitamin B6, B2, and B4 help to eliminate dead cells from a layer of skin and keep your skin fresh and alive.

Skin Moisturizer:

Nutrients, minerals and all amino acids of red oil provide moisture to your skin and keep dryness away.

Treatment for inflammation:

Moringa oil is a major element of Red Oil and a great anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is occured from leakage of inner body fluid composed of chemical (absorbed by our body from the outer environment) to internal tissue and leads to swelling of tissues, muscle, and joint. Red oil helps to recover that affected part or tissue from swelling.

Prevent from Tumor cells (Skin-Cancer):

Antioxidants of Red Oil reduce the oxidation process to prevent the formation of tumor cells in a layer of skin. It works as a guard to skin-cancer.

Lighten the scars:

Nutrients keep your skin alive and eliminate the dead cells from the skin. So applying it on scars will lead to vanish of marks of wounds. But it is a quite slow and effective process.

The cure to Throat Infection:

It will give you a quick positive effect after massaging on around your neck if you’re having a throat infection. Swelling of Thyroid Gland will be reduced by it.

The cure for Back-pain:

Regular use of it on the back can give you complete comfort from back-pain.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

List of Ingredients in the Red Oil:-

Long Zedoary:

Also known as ‘White Turmeric’. Zedoary used for spasms, loss of appetite and indigestion. Anxiety, stress, pain and swelling can cure with the help of it. It also assists in keeping mosquito away.


A natural antidepressant and in addition to depression alleviating properties it assists in improving arthritis. Anti-inflammation and analgesic agents of it are highly beneficial for chronic swelling and inflammation.

Rose Water:

Natural extractor for excess oil from skin’s surface. The pH balance of skin’s layer also maintains with rose water.


Grey and waxy substance found in intestine of sperm whales. Fully rich with vitamin D which can lead to ailments in illness such as rickets and arthritis.

Black Seed Oil:

A very strong anti-inflammation agent, capable of eliminating chronic inflammatory conditions. It has also shown benefits in managing rheumatoid arthritis.

Gingili Oil:

Also known as sesame oil derived from ginger. In many medicines, it is an important element for pain relief from joint pains and arthritis.

Box Myrtle:

A high amount of protein present in box myrtle which plays a critical role in reducing swelling which is due to inflammation.

Cassia Linguae:

Cassia Linguae is an oil. It stimulates a circulation of blood and makes human’s body the strongest opponent against pain caused by arthritis.

Stone Flower:

Made up of more than one root together with colchicum, Selenium Nigrum, and Tamarnid stone. It is highly beneficial for pain relief.


Derived from Valerian root and also called as V.alerian. It helps to eliminate the pain by relaxing and relieving tension.


It is the pain killer medicine, which contains vitamins C and many other essentials calcium for bone development. This makes Red Oil much stronger against pain and arthritis.


Eugenol present in Clove is a natural anesthetic. It helps to numb and reduce the pain. Anti-inflammation properties are also in it.

Cinnamon Oil:

Alleviates the muscle pains, aches, chronic pain and joint stiffness.


Natural ointment from rashes and other sun burn.


A Pain relieving remedy is inside in this oil just like paracetamol. It works as ice.

Pour the oil into your palm and apply directly to the affected area. Work the oil on the skin of the affected area in either round, horizontal or vertical movements. Avoid using red oil more than 4 times per day! Be Safe!

  • Keep away from the reach of children.
  • Wash your hands immediately after applying the red oil.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.
  • It is only for external use not for internal use.
  • Keep away from the children range.
  • Don’t use it near to the eye.
  • Only for the outer layer of skin.
  • Should be avoided to apply the mucous membranes.

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1 review for Red oil 2 oz Bottle لا ل تیل
  1. M Ashraf

    I tried this product after hearing an interview with the owner on a blog. I have chronic pain and see a pain management doctor once a month. Have had lots of prescriptions, steroidal injections, and physical therapy. This stuff gave me nice relief and really does Feel Good (pun intended). After a test order, I decided to start a subscription order and am getting it monthly now. Works well, smells very pleasant and doesn’t leave a sticky residue.

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